Impressive music college offers for Adam Zadi and Hannah Runting

Although we have not been able to meet on a Friday evening for a full ‘MYMS experience’ since March last year it is both encouraging and pleasing to hear that  members are continuing to enjoy their music. For some members their passion for music will lead on to a career in music and MYMS can be very proud indeed of the early ensemble experiences that it has provided to so many young players.

Two players that will be finishing at MYMS this year will be taking their music studies to the next level. Hannah Runting and Adam Zadi have been successful in securing places at some of the most prestigious and world renowned music conservatoires in this country. 

Hannah has had an amazing year and further to auditions and interviews was offered places (with scholarships) to the following: The Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, The Royal Northern College of Music and The Royal Academy of Music 

Hannah has decided to accept the offer at The Royal Academy of Music and will be starting her studies there in September 2021. 

In addition to her conservatoire auditions Hannah was incredibly successful in the Maidstone Music Festival where she won two composition categories and was placed second in the Advanced Recital Class which led on to her participating in and subsequently winning the Maidstone Young Musician of the Year. 

Hannah was awarded the Kent Try Angle Award for music for her achievement in 2020. 


Adam has been a member of MYMS for many years and has been in constant demand in many groups. His continual hard work and interest in music and particularly the tuba has produced some outstanding results. He has continued to support MYMS as much as possible and it was superb to see him taking part in the MYMS wind band day on December 6th last year. Adam, further to auditions and interviews was offered (with an impressive scholarship) a place at Trinity Laban College of Music as well as the Royal College of Music.

Huge supporters of MYMS for many years I look forward to welcoming them both back at some point in the future to inspire more members of MYMS and I am sure you will join me in passing on congratulations to both members. 



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